The Best Toys for Babies!

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I’m a mom of four, so I’ve went through my fair share of trial and error when it comes to baby toys. Lots of wasted money on toys that they had no interest in at all. There are some cute toys out there, but you’ve got to think about your baby and what will entertain him or her the most.

Click on any of these pictures to go to its Amazon page. Amazon almost always beats the store prices so I’m saving you some time and linking all of the pictures to it’s specific page. Happy shopping! 🙂

0-6 Months

These are my personal favorites for babies this age. It’s such a waste to buy big, bulky toys, even if they hang on the car seat, because from my experience, babies just aren’t that interested in that giant elephant with rings on each foot. It’s all super cute but its just overwhelming to them.

Simple, inexpensive things are the way to go. All of my kids loved things that they could grasp and hold on to themselves. Things that were big were just too heavy and they never got played with.

Look for things that have bright, contrasting colors. A ton of pink stuff is cute, but babies love to look at all of the different colors. That also goes for things that are plain colors like tan and gray. It’s just not fun for babies unless it has another sensory effect for them.

Look for things that rattle, click, snap, or crunch. Try not to get things with buttons unless they are big and easy to press. At this age, their attention span isn’t really long enough for them to focus on a big toy like a ball popper. If you’re buying for a baby up to 6 months, these simple toys are going to be a favorite!

Don’t forget about things they can chew on. Teething babies put everything in their mouths! Toys made specifically for teething are great and its always good to find ones that are easy to keep clean.

6-12 Months

This is probably the best toy out there for babies and toddlers. It is a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Play Set. We bought one of these for my oldest daughter, and we still have it sitting in the living room right now for my twins to play with. It’s adorable, sturdy, and there are so many little things to do with it.


This xylophone was always a big favorite with my kids and it is easy to listen to, compared to some of of their noisy toys. Teach them to tap the chimes gently and this xylophone actually comes with a few little songs you and your baby can learn to play. 


Building blocks are my kids favorite thing to play with, and they’re 2 and 5 now and they still play with them.
These are great for babies because they are too big to be a choking hazard, like the single Lego Duplo block, and their size makes them easy to hold and put together.

My kids also loved these Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.They’re inexpensive and sturdy enough for toddlers, and they encourage fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

Buying toys for babies seems like an easy task, just grab something in their age group and go. But if you want something that the baby will love, you’ll have to think like your baby and take note of where they are developmentally. If she’s trying to learn to crawl, buy a ball to roll across the floor and she will love trying to chase after it. If she’s learning to sit up, get something that will be stationary and won’t roll away from her. Whatever you do, encourage learning and creativity!




Don’t forget, you can click on any of these

pictures to go to its Amazon page, if you’d like to look into one of the toys further!

If you have a little Princess (they also make one for little Knights!), the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Set is something you need to have. We ended up collecting every princess they have, and we also bought the Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable. We love Little People by Fisher Price! My girls are 3 and 5 and still play with them. Imagination is so important, and the earlier imaginative play can start, the better. You can show your child how to pretend to make a pot of tea for a princess or how to “walk up the stairs!”. I loved seeing my girls light up when I would get down there and play princesses with them. I have little knights now and I already know I’m going to be buying more Little People stuff. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this list! I want to hear from other moms out there. What toy did your child love the most? Was it a big toy? Was it a stuffed animal? Comment and let me know!

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