My 10 Favorite Pregnancy Keepsake Ideas



9 months seems like ages when you’re pregnant, but as soon as your little bundle of joy arrives, you’ll soon start to miss that baby bump! I have listed some of my favorite ways to capture the best moments of pregnancy so when it’s all over, you have a special keepsake to remember the joy of your pregnancy.

  1. Make a Pregnancy Announcement Photo (or video family’s reactions!) –The sky is the limit with the amount of creativity that you can put into this. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the viral photos or YouTube videos of a dad-to-be finding out his significant other is pregnant. Not only is it a wonderful moment to share with others, its something you can capture and keep close to you for years to come.Women-s-pregnancy-announcement--Bun-in-the-oven--f
  2. Keep a Pregnancy Journal- This is something that I have done with each of my pregnancies. It’s hard finding the perfect journal, because I like to document things that I know I would forget about. Like when I started feeling hiccups or when I finally felt relief from nausea! I loved writing down what I was up to daily or weekly during my pregnancy because now when I want to go back to it, I feel even closer to those memories. It’s definitely a treasure of mine.
  3. Take Weekly (or monthly!) Belly Pictures-I cannot stress this enough! I didn’t take but like two or three photos of my ever-growing bump when I was pregnant with my first baby. I only have one or two pictures of myself and they’re not my favorite picture of me! I was really upset that I hadn’t captured my first pregnancy in this way… I wish I had. But I understand, most new moms are extremely self conscious about how they look, pregnant, for the first time. All I know is, you’re gonna wish you had taken some pictures. 🙂
  4. Have Maternity Pictures Taken-Let a professional photographer take over during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, and you may not even feel up to it, but I encourage you to get out there and strike a pose!
  5. Have a Gender Reveal Party- This is an awesome idea, and just one more way to share the joy of your baby’s impending arrival with family and friends. There are SO many awesome ideas out there, from cakes to balloons to siblings surprising mom and dad.. Josh and I didn’t have a gender reveal party, but for the twins, we bought blue Christmas ornaments for his parents’ tree and put them in gift bags, and let them open the gifts in front of family on Christmas Eve. It was really special. I wish we had done some kind of gender reveal for the girls!SF28gCBPpfYBXBgnmHzUboQk3pz269jR_lg
  6. Write Letters to Your Baby- I often wrote things to my babies when it was getting hard to see the bright side of things. It helped a lot and sometimes it turned my whole day around. It doesn’t have to be a sappy love letter, just tell your baby how you feel, what’s been going on. Maybe your feet are swollen and its getting hard to do things around the house, or maybe you put your cell phone in the fridge by accident. When it comes down to it, you’ll realize you’d go through just about anything to see that your baby is happy and healthy at the end of the day. The things weighing down on you may not seem so bad. <3
  7. Celebrate Every Milestone- Whether it is going out to eat or just doing a little happy dance at home, celebrate every milestone. The biggest milestones for me were hearing the heartbeat for the first time. Getting to 10 weeks. Finding out the gender. Getting to 20 weeks. Getting to 24 weeks (viability!). It doesn’t have to be big, but put a smile on and enjoy the day! (also something to celebrate in your pregnancy journal!)snoopy_dancing_by_jessie4508
  8. Go on a “Babymoon”- I’ve never done this before but I think it’s a great idea. Take a vacation, or just some time off of work to relax and unwind before baby comes. It’s perfect for spending special time with your significant other, celebrating the (good!) way your lives will soon change.
  9. Frame Ultrasound Pictures- What can you do with those precious black and white sonogram pictures? Don’t pack them away. They present a beautiful moment in your childs life. The moment when mom and dad got to see them for the first time. And when you’re running down the hallway chasing after that now-three-year-old, that little photo will catch your eye and make you realize how fast time flies. Cherish every moment!
  10. Be a Part of a Birth Club!- I can guarantee you theres a mom-to-be out there going through the exact same thing you are dealing with. Why not vent and support one another during the ups and downs of pregnancy? You’ll find that there are thousands of other moms pregnant and due the same time you are! Being in a birth club, or any type of pregnancy support club, makes getting through the hiccups of pregnancy so much easier than dealing with it alone. Be sure to never put the recommendations or opinions of others online in place of your doctors advice and orders, never give anyone the name or location of your doctor and never share any personal information, including appointments. It can be a very fun, exciting thing to be a part of! But be safe online.



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